Private Meditative Retreat

This is a holistic experience, meaning that every aspect has been thought out and designed to provide the most ideal float. The first thing you will notice when you arrive in the canyon is the fresh smell of the beautiful Mt. Tam Redwood forest. This is a nature retreat where you can release your societal baggage and have some important personal development time. Call it a "mini vacation".

All Natural Floating

Our tank is not chlorinated or fluoridated and uses specialized filtered water that will nourish your body. All water on the property is completely filtered of all contaminants. We take the health of our visitors seriously. The shower outside of the tank will far surpass any shower you have ever had, as all of the hydrocarbons and disinfecting agents have been eliminated and are not being absorbed by your skin, which is a semi permeable membrane. All food on the property is also organic and free of pesticides.

Infinities within the Mind

Reach deep states of relaxation with John C Lilly's powerful, de-stressing, invention. Floatation tanks are utilized to accomplish many . It sharpens your senses and makes you more aware. It restores your body mentally and physically. Some people even report out of body experiences and full blown visual "hallucinations". Are you ready to see what your inner universe has to offer you?